Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrency is not only the fastest way to transfer money, but it has also provided a new entity to trade and earn money apart from stocks and other commodities. While you can sell and buy Bitcoin directly, you can also use Bitcoin trading exchanges to continue selling your cryptocurrency. There are many exchanges where Bitcoin trading is safe and secure and is facilitated by many extended services for customers. Being a cryptocurrency investor or trader, you can choose any of the exchanges for your convenience. However, it is recommended that you look at the reviews of some before picking one up. Below is a brief review of the top Bitcoin exchanges around the world.
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CoinBase: Probably one of the most famous and largest Bitcoin trading exchanges that trade dual facilities directly and via wallet. CoinBase was founded in 2012 through the venture discovery of Y-Combinator and has grown rapidly since then. It has many profitable services, such as multiple cash deposit and withdrawal options, money transfers between two CoinBases are instant, with multiple signature options for safer transfers, Bitcoin deposits are insured against any loss, etc. CoinBase has many payment partners. European and US, which allow transactions to be carried out through them. It has relatively low transaction fees and offers Bitcoin trading along with a large number of Altcoin trading.
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CEX.IO: One of the oldest and most famous exchanges started in 2013, as a London Bitcoin Trading exchange and also as a cloud mining router. Later its mining capacity grew enormously, where it held almost half of the network’s mining capacity; however, it has now been closed. “CEX.IO” allows clients to expand their Bitcoin trades in larger amounts, and has the ability to make Bitcoin instantly available at the requested price. However, this exchange charges a high exchange rate, however, it compensates for the security and ease of allowing multi-currency transactions (dollars, euros and rubles) to buy Bitcoin.
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Bitfinex: This is one of the most advanced trading exchanges and is especially suitable for experienced cryptocurrency traders. With high liquidity for Ethereum and Bitcoin, this exchange has better options like leverage, margin funding and multi-order trading. In addition to this, Bitfinex offers customizable GUI features, many order types such as limit, stop, trailing stop, market and more. This exchange also offers about 50 currency pairs that are tradable and with easy withdrawals for everyone. Bitfinex, one of the largest exchanges in terms of traded volume, offers pseudonymity only for transactions and some services that require identification. The only drawback of this exchange is that it does not support the purchase of Bitcoin or other altcoins through fiat transactions.
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Bitstamp: Founded in 2011, it is the oldest exchange offering cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading. The most respected, despite being the oldest, has never been under security threat until recently. Bitstamp supports four currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple and is also available with a mobile app in addition to the trading website. It has great support for European users or merchants with accounts in Euro banks. Security is advanced and cold storage type, meaning coins are stored offline. So you can say that it is not possible for any hacker to infiltrate. Finally, its complex user interface suggests that it is not for novice users but for professionals and offers relatively low transaction fees.
Kraken: One of the largest Bitcoin trading exchanges in terms of liquidity, Euro crypto trading volumes and Canadian dollar, USD and Yen trading figures. Kraken is the most respected exchange that has led the cryptocurrency trading whirlwind and has managed to keep its customer base safe regardless of other exchanges being hacked at the same time. With 14+ cryptocurrency trading facilities, the user can store fiat and cryptocurrency along with the similar ability to withdraw. However, it is not suitable for beginners, but it has better security features and low transaction fees compared to CoinBase. Kraken’s most important factor is that it is trusted by the community and was the first to display volumes and prices on the Bloomberg Terminal.
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About Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Although the currency has been around for a long time, its popularity skyrocketed a few years ago when merchants began accepting it as a form of payment. Apart from using it in your transactions, you can also trade it for huge profits.
The benefits of currency trading

There are many reasons to consider buying currency. Some of these reasons include:

Ease of access: Unlike the stock market and other trading channels, there are almost no barriers to entry into the Bitcoin market. All you need to do is identify a seller you can buy from. If you’re interested in selling, identify a buyer, and you’re good to go.
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global: You can trade currency from anywhere in the world. This means that a person in China can buy or sell Bitcoin to a person in Africa or anywhere else. This makes it a meaningful currency because it does not affect the economy of a single country.
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It is volatile: Like other currencies in the foreign exchange market, Bitcoin is very volatile. This means that its price changes quickly due to small changes in the economy. If you take advantage of the changes, you can make big profits.
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24/7 trading: Unlike the stock market which operates during business hours, Bitcoin trading happens all day and all night. Trading limits are only for you, not in time.

How to get Bitcoins
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If you are interested in entering the market, there are many ways you can use to get currency. Some of the ways you can use it are:

Buying on an exchange: Here you have to enter the market, and you will find people who want to sell the currency. You should identify a reputable seller and place an order.

Transfers: You can also get Bitcoin from a friend. Here a friend has to send you money through an app on your computer or phone.
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Mining: This is the traditional way to get coins. In this method, you use the computer to solve complex math puzzles. After successfully completing a puzzle you will be rewarded with coins. Although this method is free, it takes a lot of time.
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This is what you need to know about Bitcoins and their trading. Once you own the currency, you can decide to store it in your digital wallet or trade it.

Advantages of paying with Bitcoin

Due to their unique nature, virtual currencies offer many advantages over traditional currencies. In recent years, the world of digital currency has experienced many positive changes. There are many cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin is one of the most popular. In this article, we will look at some of the most prominent advantages of paying with Bitcoin. Read on to find out more.

1. User Autonomy

For many users, digital currencies give them much more freedom than conventional currencies. People can better control how they can spend their money. The good thing is that they don’t have to deal with an intermediary like a government or a bank.

2. Discretion

Another advantage is that things bought with Bitcoin are discrete. Only the user can post Bitcoin transactions. Also, transactions don’t have names next to them. In addition, these transactions are almost impossible to reverse.

In fact, each transaction has a different Bitcoin address. But this does not mean that these transactions are impossible. So if you don’t want others to know where you spent your money, you can use cryptocurrencies to make payments.

3. Peer-to-Peer Focus

Another great advantage of the Bitcoin payment system is that it is peer-to-peer based. In other words, users can receive and send payments without getting approval from any authorities. Payments can be made in seconds, as long as the user is connected to the Internet.

4. No bank fees

Unlike traditional fiat currencies, Bitcoin has no deposit fees, overdraft fees or minimum balance fees. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your account maintenance or balance fees.

5. Low transaction fees

Usually, foreign purchases and regular wire transfers have exchange costs and fees. Since cryptocurrencies do not require the involvement of government or intermediary institutions, transaction costs are relatively low. If you are a traveler, this can be a great advantage for you. In addition, bitcoin transfers are very fast, which eliminates the need for authorization and long waiting times.

6. Mobile payments

Like any online payment system, cryptocurrency users can make payments through their mobile phones while connected to the Internet. Therefore, they do not need to go to their bank to make a purchase. Also, you don’t need to reveal your personal identity to complete the transaction.

7. Accessibility

Honest users can receive and send Bitcoin using their computer or phone, no need to involve a traditional bank or other authority. In addition, users do not have to use credit cards to make payments. So Bitcoin allows for more accessibility than other options you might try.

In summary, these are some of the main advantages of making payments with Bitcoin instead of using traditional payment methods. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand cryptocurrencies.

5 Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin

If you are interested in investing money in Bitcoin, we recommend that you read the benefits of this currency in this article. According to many studies, Bitcoin investors are the most successful investors in the world. For example, Richard Branson, the founders of eBay, PayPal and Yahoo have invested large sums of money in this currency. Although your financial success depends on several factors, this digital currency is gaining popularity worldwide. Read on to find out more.

Unlike other currencies in the world, cryptocurrencies offer many advantages. Most currencies have a number of challenges that affect their value and purchasing power. On the other hand, the good thing about cryptocurrencies is that they don’t have as many challenges to face as their purchasing power is not controlled by any authority. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this investment.

Lower Inflation Risk

We know that common currencies are governed by their issuing governments. Sometimes it leads to a large increase or decrease in the value of money, as the government tends to keep printing a lot of money. As the value of a currency falls, so does its purchasing power. So it takes more money to buy the same thing.

So it works like a tax on money you already have. With Bitcoin, there is a different system. According to experts, one unit of this currency will be enough to meet the needs of 500 people around the world. This is quite interesting information.

Less risk of falling

According to investors, this currency comes with a lower risk of falling unlike traditional alternatives. The reason is that it has global circulation and is not influenced by government policies. In other words, even if there is a collapse of the common currency or hyperinflation, Bitcoin will not lose its value.

Transactions are quite simple

Another advantage of this currency is that it allows easy, cheap and easy transactions. Since buyers are not entitled to a refund after purchase, sellers can ship the product without worrying about losing their money.


Existing major currencies are difficult to carry, especially in large quantities. Apart from that, it is quite risky to carry millions of dollars to satisfy your shopping needs. On the other hand, Bitcoin offers portability, meaning you don’t need to carry a single dollar.

No tracking

Cryptocurrencies cannot be traced back to the source, which is another advantage of investing in Bitcoin. As soon as the seller receives the coins, they will not be returned to the buyer regardless. Therefore, a government cannot trace the source of funds.

In short, if you want to invest in Bitcoins, we recommend that you consider the benefits described in this article. This will help you make the best decision to meet your needs. Hope this helps.

A quick but in-depth comparison between Gold and BitCoin

A quick comparison between cryptocurrencies, gold and Bitcoin

In some places, gold seems to have a more important place in the financial world. On the other hand, some people are starting to see Bitcoin as a valid method of keeping our savings.

This allows us to make purchases and other daily transactions. For the average consumer, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer an important alternative. This is probably a good time to make a comparison between gold and Bitcoin and Ethereum (another cryptocurrency).

People have been using gold as a form of currency for millennia; Bitcoin, on the other hand, has been around for over a decade. Although the concept has gone through a process of maturation, gold still has a strong influence on the market. Bitcoin promises constant improvements in convenience, security and functionality. Experts have compared the current state of Bitcoin to the Internet in the early to mid-1990s. Proponents of Bitcoin argue that almost all gold-related progress since the last millennium has been driven by the mass adoption of physical gold bullion products. In fact, some of the company’s purchases are using gold as currency. They don’t trust the government not to go into hyperinflation.

The idea of ​​Bitcoin versus gold is an important argument worthy of the shelf. Instead of choosing one of them; many of us would prefer to use a combination of them to take advantage of the best features of each. In fact, we have seen the coexistence of Bitcoin and gold in the form of “Casascius coins. This is the first instance of Bitcoin and gold coming together and it will not be the last.

Another cryptocurrency Ethereum is at $1,549.00. Typically, Raedon graphics cards are shipped in x 5 or 6 racks for optimal organization. Work cables allow mining at high speeds to gain profits over energy usage.

Paper money is our solution to improve circulation and gold is our ancestors’ solution to preserve the value of currency. Metals are less affected by inflation because they are much more expensive than paper or other cheap metals. And, it is a new technological gear to provide reliability in cryptocurrency transactions, with the timelessness and precision of a Swiss watch.

Despite the criticism, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to attract many people because of their various advantages, especially compared to traditional currencies such as paper money which is inflated and often lost, spent or stolen.

It relies on instant direct P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions to completely bypass cumbersome and expensive electronic payment systems. Over time, investors would find that Bitcoin provides a better store of value than any serially printed flat currency.

The Bitcoin protocol places a limit on the number of bitcoins available at one time. There will always be 21 million bitcoins and the system sometimes seems more honest than the US dollar. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, consumers can achieve greater financial privacy; concerns that the government will quietly feed into the system with constant financial monitoring.

4 benefits you can enjoy if you invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency based on a peer-to-peer network. It was introduced in 2009. What makes this type of currency different from the regular currency used is that it is not centralized or subject to any bank or government authority. However, Bitcoin offers many benefits. For example, it has lower transaction fees than traditional payment mechanisms. Let’s take a look at the 4 benefits you can enjoy if you invest in Bitcoin. Read on to find out more.

Multiple uses

In the beginning, Bitcoin users used the money to make regular financial transactions without paying a lot of fees. Since then, the currency has been used for many other purposes.

Bitcoin actually uses blockchain technology to facilitate digital transactions. Therefore, all transactions are verified and validated first. Also, all transactions can be viewed online through the database available on the blockchain website.

Apart from this, Bitcoins can be used to digitally trade securities for land titles, insurance claims, etc. However, it should be noted that these uses are in the development phase. Therefore, they have not yet become part of the mainstream.

However, the currency has been quite successful. This is why it has brought about a revolution in the entire industry. According to many researchers, the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise in the future. Therefore, it is a great idea to invest in BTC if you want to get a high return on your investment.

Expected earnings

First, it should be noted that the potential profit outweighs the potential loss when it comes to putting money into Bitcoin. According to many crypto analysts, Bitcoin will become an international currency on its way. In other words, the chances of losing money are less than the chances of making significant profits. So it is a relatively safe investment.

If that happens, it will boost global trade. As a result, the value of a Bitcoin will increase by 20,000 times its current value. However, this can only happen if this currency is recognized as a valid currency for domestic and international trade.

Interest on your investment

Since Bitcoin is considered a form of commodity money, you can invest your Bitcoin just like you invest money in any business using fiat money. Therefore, you can also earn interest on the invested money. Apart from this, you can sell your Bitcoins once they increase in value.

Easy Access

The interesting thing is that you don’t have to hold your Bitcoins for a long time to get some profits. Considering how much money people transfer to the Bitcoin network, you can make a profit even in a short period of time.

To make a long story short, investing in Bitcoin in 2019 is a great idea. Make sure you keep an eye on the latest developments to take advantage of the opportunities available.

Bitcoin: All there is to it?

If you spent $27 on Bitcoin when Satoshi Nakamoto created it in 2009 your investment would be worth over $37,000,000.

Considered to be the greatest investment vehicle of all time, Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise throughout 2017 going from $777 to $17,000.

Making millionaires out of opportunistic investors and leaving financial institutions speechless, Bitcoin has answered its critics at every milestone this year and some believe this is just the beginning.

The December 10th launch of Bitcoin futures, which will allow investors to access the Bitcoin market through a major US regulated exchange, means we’re just getting started.

What makes Bitcoin so valuable is that there is a limited amount. There will be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins and unlike regular fiat currency, you cannot print more of them at will. This is because Bitcoin runs a working protocol: to generate it, you need to mine using the processing power of computers to solve the complex algorithms of the Bitcoin blockchain. Once this is achieved, you will be rewarded with Bitcoin as payment for the ‘work’ you have done. Unfortunately, the reward you get for mining has been drastically reduced almost every year since Bitcoin’s inception, which means the only viable way for most people to get Bitcoin is to buy it on an exchange. At today’s price levels, is it worth taking that risk?

Many believe that Bitcoin is just a bubble. I spoke with long-term investor and cryptocurrency expert Duke Randal, who believes the asset is overvalued, “I would compare it to many supply and demand bubbles throughout history, such as Dutch Tulip Mania and the dot com bubble of the late 90s. Prices are purely speculative. Based on, and When you look at the functionality of Bitcoin as an actual currency, it’s almost embarrassing.” For those who don’t know, the dot com bubble was a period from 1997-2001 where many Internet companies were created and given optimistic valuations based on pure speculation, then dropped 80-90% when the bubble initially collapsed. the 2000s Some companies, such as eBay and Amazon, recovered and are now above those valuations, but for others it was the end of the line.

Bitcoin was originally created to take power away from our financial systems and put people in control of their money by cutting out the middle man and enabling peer-to-peer transactions. However, it is currently one of the slowest cryptocurrencies on the market, with its transaction speed four times slower than the fifth largest cryptocurrency and its closest competitor for payment solutions, Litecoin. The untraceable privacy coin Monero makes transactions even faster, with an average block time of two minutes, a fifth of what Bitcoin can do, and that’s without anonymity. The world’s second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, already has a higher transaction volume than Bitcoin, despite the fact that each Ether costs only $676, compared to Bitcoin’s $16,726.

So why is the value of Bitcoin so high? I asked Duke Randal the same question. “It all boils down to the same economics of supply and demand, there’s not a lot of Bitcoin available and its recent price increase has attracted a lot of media attention, along with the launch of Bitcoin futures which many see as the first sign. Bitcoin’s mass market is accepting it, a lot of people are on board. is the pursuit of monetary gain. Like any asset, when there is more demand to buy than to sell, the price rises. This is a bad thing. New investors entering the market without understanding the principles behind blockchain and these currencies are likely to burn out.”

Another reason is that Bitcoin is very volatile, known to go up or down by thousands of dollars in less than a minute, and if you are not used to it and don’t expect it, it causes less experienced investors to panic and sell, resulting in a loss. This is another reason why Bitcoin will struggle to gain acceptance as a form of payment. The price of Bitcoin can move significantly as sellers accept Bitcoin from customers and sell it on local currency exchanges. This erratic movement can wipe out their entire profitability. Will this instability disappear soon? Not likely: Bitcoin is a relatively new asset class and while awareness is growing, only a very small percentage of the world’s population owns Bitcoin. Until it distributes more and its liquidity improves significantly, volatility will continue.

So if Bitcoin is pretty useless as an actual currency, what are its applications? Many believe that Bitcoin has gone from being a viable form of payment to a store of value. Bitcoin is like “digital gold” and will be used as a benchmark for other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects to measure and exchange. Recently, there have been stories of people in hyperinflationary countries such as Zimbabwe buying Bitcoin to hold on to their wealth, rather than watch its value decline under the carelessness of its central banking system.

Is it too late to get involved in Bitcoin? If you believe in what these cryptocurrencies will do for the world, it’s never too late to get involved, but with Bitcoin’s cost so high it’s a boat ride for some who have already set sail. You’d be better off looking at Litecoin, which is up 6908% year-to-date, or Ethereum, which is up a whopping 7521% year-to-date. These new and faster currencies hope to achieve what Bitcoin did at its inception in 2009, and replace government fiat currencies.

Who knows what the price of these currencies will be ten, fifteen or even twenty years from now? One thing’s for sure though, we better brace ourselves because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Mom, Where Do Bitcoins Come From? Bitcoin Mining Explained

“Mom, where do Bitcoins come from?” Well, you see, when a bright young Bitcoiner catches the eye of an aspiring miner, and they love him so much…

Wait, that’s obviously hard to fix here. Also, my whole goal is to keep things simple. However, Bitcoins are made by solving complex math problems. A powerful machine built to solve these math problems does just that. This process is called mining. The people who own these machines to earn money in Bitcoins mining are called miners. When a series of problems are solved it is known as a block. Blocks are verified by other users and once verified, they are added to what is known as the block chain. This chain continues to grow with a new block being added approximately every 10 minutes. This series is really just the main book that will continue to grow and never end.

Very powerful mining machines hog a lot of power and raise the miner’s monthly bill. The reason it holds so much power is the genius of the mathematics involved. The mining machine is required to perform complex cryptographic algorithms. After the machine solves a math problem, a block of coins is created. Every time 210,000 blocks are created, the miner’s reward is halved. It takes 4 years to achieve this. So Bitcoin is like the Olympics. Currently the block reward is 12 Bitcoins (on June 23, 2020 the reward will be only 6 coins). Those coins go to the miner who won the lucky lottery that time. There is a winner every 10 minutes. There are also many miners competing. Said miner is worth something. My enough coins and your electricity bill and then you pay.

There is another way for me. It’s called cloud mining. With this type of mining you are paying to use someone else’s network and this reduces your profits significantly. The positives of this method are that it doesn’t require you to use your electricity or buy a machine.

It seems good to me. Now I want to start mining. Is it a good idea and can I generate passive income on a regular basis? It’s possible Hold tight for now and you can make that call later.

Let’s try to break this down.

By returning the mining machine to its original form, you should start by purchasing a quality mining machine. That would set them back about $2,000. Here is a picture of a good machine (Antminer S9 from Bitmain) capable of generating a high hash rate of 14 TH/s. 1 TH/s is 1,000,000,000,000 hashes per second. This machine does that 14 times. That’s a lot of hashing power. A hash is simply a long number that the machine generates each time it tries to solve the algorithm. Again, to use my lottery analogy, all these machines are out there hoping to be the next winner.

Then the chances of winning become more and more difficult with more competition. Further complicating this issue, every time one math problem is solved, the next problem becomes more and more difficult to solve. The difficulty of the Bitcoin network changes approximately every two weeks or every 2,016 blocks. The number of Bitcoins that will ever be created is limited. This number is 21,000,000. Once we get that number, Bitcoin can never be mined again. However, the blockchain itself will continue to expand because it is used to verify each transaction or purchase.

Do you also remember that Satoshi Nakamoto nickname I wrote? Did you know that today’s math problems are 70,000 times harder for machines to solve than when we mined the 1st Bitcoin in 2009?! It is estimated that the last coin will be released in 2140, because the system is halved every four years (210,000 blocks). 16,400,000 coins have already been mined (78%) and from now on each coin will be mined at a much slower pace. Yes, you read that right. Basically, 80% came out in the first 8 years and it will take more than 100 years to leave the last 20%. If my great grandchild, great grandchild or great grandchild is reading this, I hope they are sitting pretty with our family Bitcoins now worth 220,000 Bitcoins each. We can all dream well!

Buying a mining machine or cloud mining contract is risky. While there are some great success stories out there, be sure to do your research before deciding whether mining is right for you. For every person who makes money, there are many people who lose money.

By the way, a great place to see all the cryptocurrencies out there and their coins and their full market cap, Coin Market Cap is a great resource. You can see all 700 fly-by-night altcoins there. An altcoin is another way of saying any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. By now you know that Bitcoin is like the Rose Bowl, the granddaddy of them all! I would really try to limit my focus and research to the top 10 for now. It’s not like there won’t be a success story of one of these worthless ones now. Finding one is like picking the right penny. It is much safer to stick with companies that are recognized by leading analysts. The same goes for the exchange you use to buy, sell and trade. That’s why I use Coinbase because it’s the most reliable, secure and convenient exchange to do my business with. They also have the most thorough vetting process when it comes to adding Altcoins.

Here is a summary of the key points from this article:

-Bitcoins are created from mining

-Mining is done by powerful machines that solve complex mathematical problems. You can also buy contracts called cloud mining if you don’t want to buy a machine.

-Problems get more difficult as coins are released and the production rate slows down

-As of May 2017, 72 Bitcoins are mined per hour (12 every 10 minutes)

-On June 23, 2020, it will be halved again until only 6 are spawned every 10 minutes.

-Almost 80% of Bitcoin’s finite amount of 21,000,000 coins has already been mined

– Competition between miners and increasingly complex mathematical problems make it difficult to become profitable mining

-The last coin is believed to have been minted in 2140

Here’s how Bitcoin works in the Cryptocurrency world

If you don’t know, bitcoin cryptocurrency is a type of decentralized network. In this process, transactions are based on a 16-character encrypted address. In simple words, it is like your social security number. In terms of security, only you can transfer funds to your address, which involves two-factor verification. In reality, bitcoin consists of a network of several independent computers responsible for generating, propagating, and verifying monetary transactions. Let’s find out more.

How do you buy Bitcoin?

If you want to buy Bitcoin, make sure you install the wallet app on your computer. With this app, you can send and receive as many Bitcoins as you want.

To buy Bitcoin, you need to store funds in your web-based wallet that acts as a bridge between sellers and buyers.

After the exchange accepts your currency, your next move is to place an order, which is like buying a stock.

How does Bitcoin work?

Basically, Bitcoin is a decentralized international peer-to-peer network. Below is a description of how Bitcoin works.

1. First, miners generate Bitcoin with the help of computers to solve mathematical functions. And then there is a process that verifies the transactions.

2. In the next phase, traditional currencies are used for Bitcoin exchange trading. It actually acts as a gateway to the cryptocurrency world, especially for non-miners. We can say that it is like buying stocks using a trading app.

3. Whether you are an individual or an entrepreneur, you can create wallets to send or receive Bitcoins. If you have used a PayPal account, you can easily use this type of wallet as well. The good thing about cryptocurrency is that it is based on a secure network. In addition, all transactions are completely secure.

Bitcoins in my house?

If you are interested in Bitcoin mining at home, the description given below can help you get started.

Cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the approach of verifying cryptocurrency transactions and making entries in the ledger of the blockchain. If you want to authorize or mine cryptocurrency transactions, you have to compete with many other minors doing complex calculations. This type of processing requires a lot of processing power.

As soon as you make the transaction, the system rewards you with bitcoin or whatever currency you are mining.

Can you use your laptop to mine Bitcoins?

The good news is that you can use your laptop for Bitcoin mining. However, the million dollar question is: Can this make enough money? The short answer is no. While you can mine using your laptop, you won’t make more than a penny, which isn’t worth it.

In other words, you need a very powerful computer with multiple graphics cards to enjoy maximum mining speed.

So, if you are interested in mining or investing in Bitcoin, you can follow the advice given in this article.

Bull market early or bear market trap?

For cryptocurrency investors, the most important question is whether this round of rising currency prices is a bull market restart or a bear market trap.

Yesterday evening, the price of Bitcoin rose in one hour. The price rose from a low of around $6,800 to around $8,100. It rose almost 20% during the day. Led by Bitcoin, other virtual currencies also led a strong rebound, with single currency gains exceeding 50%. Faced with the collective heating up of the virtual currency market, many investors shouted “the bull market is back”.

According to data from the website CoinMarketCap, the market value of Bitcoin increased by almost 20 billion dollars in one day, and the entire virtual currency market experienced an overall market growth. There was no “search” effect. Based on Bitcoin’s daily transaction volume of more than 9 billion US dollars, billions of additional funds should have entered the market yesterday, instead of equity funds.

In fact, during the rise of Bitcoin, Bitfinex, a digital currency trading platform, also recorded a number of large purchases. With the increase in buying Bitcoins, many shorts were forced to close their positions, further extending the market’s uptrend. For this phenomenon, Nick Kirk, Chief Data Officer of Cypher Capital, also expressed approval. At the same time, he also believes that this sharp rebound is likely to be a response to the release of early regulatory pressures.

Pantera Capital Management, one of the largest digital currency hedge funds, said Bitcoin has bottomed out. US$6,500 is the low point for Bitcoin’s bear market. Bitcoin will stay above that price for most of this year and may even surpass last year’s record high of US$20,000.

Fundstrat founder Tom Lee also expressed confidence in Bitcoin. He believes that the current Bitcoin P/B ratio and other indicators are almost the same as at the end of the 2014 bear market, and it has completed a major technical correction. Based on this, he stated that the value of Bitcoin could more than triple this year and reach $25,000 by the end of this year.

Historical data shows that Bitcoin has risen in the second quarter of the calendar year. In the second quarter of 2011, Bitcoin rose 1964%, 36.25% in 2012… 61.98% in 2016 and 131% in 2017.

Of course, Bitcoin OTC volume is also showing signs of market recovery. Since March, Bitcoin trading volumes in Canada, Europe, Vietnam, Mexico and Vietnam have soared to record highs.

With the successive acceptance of the financial institutions of the giant Soros hedge funds and the Rockefeller family, the financial size of the virtual money market will expand further.

However, it is worth noting that while Bitcoin is currently bullish, it is still in a downtrend and has yet to effectively break out. It remains to be seen whether the virtual currency market has really been turned upside down. Investors should always be vigilant and pay attention to position management.

More importantly, the world’s major Bitcoin markets, including the United States, have sought to establish regulatory frameworks. Regulatory uncertainty will inevitably have a greater impact on the short-term development of the virtual currency market. In the long run, an orderly and healthy market can go further.